Who we are

Centre for Quality (i.e. for quality improvement (QI) and risk management) was established in 2007 together with the creation of the Region of Southern Denmark. 
The idea was to set up an innovative body within the regional health sector, dedicated to quality improvement and patient safety, across the regional institutions supplying health care.

Centre for Quality aim to become the place where opportunities and challenges are faced and knowledge and experience are gathered and disseminated, where methods and ideas are tested and where networks are formed.

In acknowledgment of the need for more consistent knowledge on quality in health care, a research unit is established in 2010 in conjunction with University of Southern Denmark. Centre for Quality will be the main player in bringing research results into action – improving quality and patient safety, and initiating new areas for research.

The staff

Centre for Quality have a wide variety of competences, like: clinical medicine, nursing, risk management, patient safety, quality improvement, process supervision, communication, evaluation, audit/survey, management, teaching, epidemiology, statistics, health technology assessment, quality management systems etc.

The tasks

  • to spread the most recent and relevant knowledge, ideas and methods within management, quality improvement and patient safety
  • to offer advise, guidance, and support on above topics to health care professionals in the region, leaders as well as front line staff
  • to experiment and be innovative in generating and applying knowledge, competencies and tools
  • to create networks between hospitals and staffs in all aspects of quality improvement and patient safety
  • to operate the regional part of the patient safety work

What are we doing for the time being

  • Supporting the implementation of the Danish Quality Model (DDKM) for accreditation through education of internal surveyors, conducting external and internal surveys at all levels in the health organisations and developing training courses in the application of quality tools.
  • running the day to day patient safety work as regional overseer, at the same time developing and testing new methods on improving patient safety, like the London protocol, safety rounds, Global Trigger Tool (GTT) etc.
  • doing evaluations, like follow up on national patient questionnaire surveys
  • promoting use of process management and SPC (Statistical Process Control) as the tool to verify processes and results
  • participating in development of patient pathway programmes for acute and chronically ill patients
  • development of audit models for use in integrated care
  • supporting the implementation of Clinical Microsystems in clinical wards and departments
  • supporting local network groups among quality managers, risk managers and clinical staff dedicated to QI
  • collaborating with University of Southern Denmark (SDU), the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and Hochfachschule of Flensburg, Germany (University of Flensburg) around patient safety and quality improvement.
  • holding a regional conference on QI every November with an international key note speaker
  • conduction learning sessions within relevant QI and patient safety topics for regional staff
  • participating in national and international conferences


Director: Christian von Plessen, MD.

Deputy Director: Jeanette Hounsgaard, Engineer, IRCA-reg. lead auditor

Health care in the Region of Southern Denmark

The area of health constitutes the most cost-intensive assignment for the Region of Southern Denmark, with total expenses of approximately DKK 18 billion (app. 2.4 billion €).
There are 18 hospitals and 3 psychiatric centers in the region  – take a look at our map.

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