Resilience Health Care Net – Årsmøde i Canada august 2017

6th Resilient Health Care Meeting in Vancouver 2017

Invitation til det 6. Resilient Health Care Meeting

Temaet for dette 6. årsmøde i Resilient Health Care Net er “Make it so: enacting resilience in everyday work”

Mødes afholdes i år i Vancouver, Canada fra den 14.-16. august.

Yderligere information og tilmelding på Recilient Health Care Net hjemmeside eller via dette link

Arrangøren beskriver temaet for årets møde således:

We welcome submissions on the theory and practice of enacting resilience in everyday work. Practitioners constantly adjust what they do to match their work conditions. Facilitating flexibility and adaptability, and actively supporting practitioners to deliver care more effectively, is central to resilient healthcare. Some guiding questions for the RHCN6 theme are: How are emergent phenomena enacted in everyday work? How does resilience emerge in the non-linear and interdependent sociotechnical ecology of a complex adaptive system? What scaffolds or structures support resilient performance?